Monday, December 29, 2008

September 2008, Sun Valley Spiritual Film Festival, Idaho

SVSFF was started four years ago when his Holiness Dalai Lama inaugurated the festival. Today, it is the most highly regarded festival for films that show the human spirit at its best.

Dr. Mary Gervase, Director of the SVSFF and Education Director of the Special Winter Olympics, 2009, invited Angad to present One Light and speak on International Peace Day.

A little rough on cinematography, Angad's message transcends the craft!” said the selection committee.

Angad was the youngest filmmaker and speaker to address audiences during separate screenings in Sun Valley at the Liberty Theater and the gorgeous Sun Valley Opera House.

Angad was also interviewed by the local radio station and featured in the SunValley Online News.

Dr. Balwant Singh Sekhon of Kalgidhar Society flew from Richmond, VA to attend the festival and hear Angad speak.

This trip brought the most amazing stories to unfold. While there was Gay, who has Sikh roots and was exhilarated to re-connect with them after decades, most people in Sun Valley had a chance to learn about the Sikh spirit for the first time and they related to it instantly.

There was also Basha, who had come across One Light on-line almost a year ago and had written to Angad then, hoping to meet with him some day.

SVSFF served as a union of so many people longing for the revival of the human spirit.

It was inspiring to watch powerful, uplifting films that were every bit as good or better than most commercial ones. The films that move you, inspire you and leave you charged to do much much more.

Equally inspiring was meeting with like- minded directors and producers of films with strong spiritual, environmental and human themes.

Another thought provoking event was to hear children present from Poems for Peace project which brings together voices from children all over the globe. Peace means so many different things; food to the hungry, warmth to the freezing, a motherly love to an orphan, a friend to an abused or even the breath of fresh air amidst the constant smell of gun powder.
Thank You, Dr. Gervase and SVSFF team for this honor and experience. Thank You Angel and Gay for the lovely pictures. The spirit and the memories of this event will always be a part of our being.

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