Friday, April 4, 2008

Sept 2007 – Sikhnet Online Film Festival – The home of One Light

One Light was created after Ish Kaur, a Sikh filmmaker came to Atlanta for teaching a theater workshop at a youth camp. She encouraged all children to express their creativities for the upcoming Youth Film Festival.

In the following summer Angad went to Duke University’s program for youngsters on International Relations and learned about World conflict. The idea for One Light came then; it would be Angad’s way to do something to bring peace.

With a handheld camera, zero experience in the area, a crashing old computer and only 3 weeks of summer vacations left, he worked unlimited hours to make the deadline for the Sikhnet Film Festival. When he finished, utterly frustrated with his work, he declared that he was done and would never make a video again. He wanted return to the regular activities of a teenager.

Little did he know. The response from visitors around the world was so powerful that it was only the start of his busy schedule.

Thank You,, for the vision and platform. None of this would have happened without it. We hope that you will keep inspiring the world for a long time to come.

In partnership with Sikhnet, One Light was also selected to be broadcast by TimeTV a Sikh TV channel in India.