Friday, December 26, 2008

Nov 2007, World Première SWFF, Hollywood and Toronto

World Premiere of One Light took place at the prestigious Writers Guild Theater, Beverly Hills, California in Nov 2007 as a part of the Spinning Wheel Film Festival, California. It was attended by over five hundred people.

Angad lovingly referred to as the Youngest Filmmaker in the Sikh Cinema, was one of the three Sikh Directors/Producers invited onstage for a 30 minute Q&A session along with Valarie Kaur(Divided We Fall) and Mirin Kaur (On Common Ground) at the opening night Gala dinner.
Angad’s thoughtful answers charmed the audience and he was given a standing ovation when the Master of Ceremonies, Roop Singh of the U.K. re-invited him on stage and gave him a big hug.

The film festival celebrated the stories of Sikhs worldwide and was attended by city, county and state dignitaries from California and all over the U.S.A. One Light screened next to “Divided We Fall”, which has very beautifully addressed the issue of hatred against Sikhs, Arabs and South Asians post 9-11 USA.

Angad also got to meet with L.A. County Reserve Sheriff Jagjit Singh and renowned artists such as the Singh twins from the U.K.

After the screening Angad flew to the SWFF Toronto for screening and speaking.

Thank You, Inni Kaur, Bicky Singh and Orange County Sangat, especially Principal Sawan Singh Ji for the unforgettable affection and honor. Thank SWFF International for screening One Light at multiple locations.

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